I’m troubled. Most of what we Americans eat is full of chemicals. You might have difficulty even pronouncing some ingredients in some of your favorite foods. For example, Cheerios® contain Tripotassium Phosphate. Why? You’d have to call them and ask (the number is 1-800-248-7310).

I occasionally will make mayonnaise. It’s pretty simple: whisk together an egg yolk, some vinegar or lemon juice, a little mustard (preferably Dijon), salt, and white pepper; and drizzle in about a 230ml of oil. Keep whisking. It makes a lot, and it only stays fresh in the fridge for a few days, so you’ll only want to make it when you’re planning to make chicken salad or prepare a lot of sandwiches. I have a jar of Hellman’s in the fridge right now. It’s been in there for weeks. What’s keeping it fresh?


We ingest a lot of chemicals in our diet. So many, that I think it’s making us very sick. And drug companies are profiting from this. Now, I realize I come off sounding like one of those conspiracy nuts. But you must admit that there is a lot of stuff we eat that we probably shouldn’t.

Well, I’ve got some pizza dough that needs to be punished. Until next time.