Someone said to me once, “bread is so bad for you!” I get this a lot, actually. I try to educate people, but so much misinformation has been spread over the years. Well, real bread consists of flour, water, yeast, and salt. If you put butter or Nutella or something fatty or sweet on it, that isn’t bread. It’s a sandwich or something else. The bread is not “bad” for you.

Now, store-bought bread has a lot of stuff that is, in my opinion, not necessary. Manufacturers are including gums and sugars, plus preservatives and chemicals. The bread is soft and has the appearance of freshness long after you buy it. Is it unhealthy? That is possible. Is it natural? The Food and Drug Administration has declared it so. But I remind people that mercury and arsenic are also 100% natural, and they are very unhealthy.

I made another loaf, and I’m looking forward to having some for lunch tomorrow.

Bon appétit!